Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday March 12th

Today we discussed focus questions for your research paper. You met in groups of two to discuss your topics, finalize a topic and discuss questions you would like to answer with your research.

Fill out the orange 3x5 card with your topic and your name on the top line. On the front list your 5 focus questions. On the back, jot down other questions, just in case your 5 don't work out.

I advise you to talk with your mom, dad, grandparents or another adult about your topic. Ask him/her: what would you like to learn from reading my paper?

Your questions should be VERY SPECIFIC and be able to be answered in a page of information.

For example:

Topic: Vietnam War

Good Question: What were some of the causes of the Vietnam War?

Bad Question: When did the Vietnam War begin?