Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday March 10th

Today you took your test over capitalization!

We also discussed research papers briefly. Highlighted in our discussion:

On Wednesday you need to come in with two topic ideas (a first and a second choice). When thinking about a topic, keep this in mind:

Choose a topic you don't know a great deal about
Choose a topic you are interested in
Choose a topic that will lend itself to a 5-7 page research paper (do no pick too narrow of a topic or too broad of a topic)

You may NOT choose the following topics:
**a specific person (they end up sounding too much like biographies)
**a place (they end up sounding too much like a travel brochure)
**a particular sport or sports team
**the Rainforest of any type of Environmental Issue (i.e. Global Warming)
**The Holocaust
**a type of car