Friday, March 14, 2008

Researching Your Topic

Today we went to the LRC (Learning Resource Center) and heard a lecture on how to research from Ms. Myler. She gave us some excellent websites and databases to research our topics.

The sites below may not work at home, but try them anyhow. Some may require a driver's license to verify the user is from Michigan. Ask your parents to enter their information.

WARNING: You may not use Wikipedia or any sites where the audience author's the material. We discussed this in class. You will be graded down if you attempt to use them!


You will have today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to research in class. The rest of your research must be done on your own! You will be required to have at least 2 HARD COPY sources and 3 internet sources in class TUESDAY, APRIL 1st (HARD COPY is defined by an actual magazine, newspaper or book. On other words, it cannot come from the computer at all! No internet or computer encyclopedias.)

In class you must have your two HARD COPY sources and your 3 internet articles. This means you must check out your books/magazines/etc and have them in class. I am giving you PLENTY of time to visit a library. START THIS WEEKEND if you have to! I will NOT accept "someone else had it checked out, so I don't have it" or "I didn't have time"....etc. NO EXCUSES!

Again, the total of 2 HARD COPY and 3 INTERNET SOURCES

are due on APRIL 1st!

(and this is NOT a joke :)