Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday November 30th

Today we corrected last night's homework.

You also had a chance to turn in your Princess Bride final package (Final draft, Work Cited page and rubric--stapled in this order) today. If you did not turn it in today for 4 points extra credit, you MUST turn it in Monday.

Finally you took a short quiz and received a short book work assignment.

Bookwork: page 524, rewrite the paragraph for part B.
Check Point, follow the directions.
PAPER: if you did not hand in the Princess Bride paper today for extra credit, it is due MONDAY.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday NOV 29th

Today we discussed a few more things about parenthetical citations and how to correctly add them to your paper, noting proper formatting.

Next we corrected the rest of the bookwork homework from when Mrs. Hardy was with you on Monday and Tuesday.

You had the remainder of the hour to work on the new book work assignment and continue revising your paper.


  • BOOKWORK: page 521 #1-10 answers only, #11-15 write out the sentence

  • FINAL PAPER: copy the rubric below on a separate sheet of paper. Your final paper will include the best version of your paper, your Work Cited page, and a copy of the rubric. This is due on MONDAY, DEC. 3rd. You have the option of turning it in tomorrow, FRIDAY NOV. 30th for 4 points extra credit!

  • SHORT QUIZ TOMORROW: There will be a short quiz tomorrow on determining between adverbs and adjectives. What is the difference between adverbs and adjectives? If you were given sentences, could you find the adjective or adverb and tell what word/words it modifies?


The Princess Bride Rubric

____paper is clearly structured and organized (your evidence is clearly explained and is not just "plunked" in your paper) (30 pts.) (paper should end up being about 1 1/2 to 2 pages in length)
_____ paper has been edited for punctuation and grammar (20 pts.)
_____ paper uses the "inverted thesis" structure in the introduction and the conclusion is simply your intro reworded (20 pts.)
_____ paper includes proper MLA style (including proper heading format and work cited page) (10 pts.)
_____ paper includes at least 2 parenthetical citations per body paragraph and they are formatted correctly (24 pts.)
_____ paper includes a copy of the rubric (6 pts.)

_________/11o Points Total

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Nov 28th

Monday and Tuesday I was not at school. The guest teacher said that our class was considerably chatty. I was not happy to find this report. Monday and Tuesday you had an book work assignment to work on in class. These two assignments are due tomorrow (Thursday). We will be checking them as a class and you will turn it in.

Today in class you had your rough draft of your Princess Bride paper with the Work Cited Page. You were able to edit to papers and have your paper edited by two editors.

For full credit tomorrow: you must bring in your old rough draft and a new fresh copy with the changes you made this evening. Use the advise of your editors. Additionally, read your paper to mom or dad! Make sure it all makes sense :)

Also, make sure you have your bookwork from Monday/Tuesday Night!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Nov. 20th

Today you had the hour to work on your rough draft. Many of you had great questions to ask as you began writing.

When you return to school on Monday you will need a COMPLETED, TYPED rough draft.

It should have:
  • 5 paragraphs
  • 2 citations per body paragraph
  • a separate page that will be your Work Cited page

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Nov 19th

Today we discussed how your outline translates directly to your rough draft. We also talked about MLA heading and parenthetical citations. Finally you took notes on how to write a Work Cited page. Use your red MLA book to help you out at home if you need it (pages 35 and 5 are good places to start). With the remaining time, I allowed you to begin writing your rough draft.

Your entire typed rough draft, along with the Work Cited page is due when we return from break, Nov. 26th.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday NOV 15th

Today you took notes on how to write an inverted introduction. If you took good notes, you should have no trouble with your homework this weekend. Next we discussed how to write a conclusion and what you should have in it and what you cannot have in it.

On your outline, include the A, B, and C for your introduction and conclusion and have it written out for Monday. I will be making sure that you have it written down for points toward your grade. On Monday we will be writing the rough draft in class. COME PREPARED!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday NOV 14

Today we graded Part 2 of the review.

Next you took your test.

You have no homework this evening.

Come to class tomorrow WITH YOUR COMPLETED OUTLINE. If I returned your outline and you received less than a 44, I would revise your outline! Make the changes I advised you to make on the outline! I am not going to recollect it for a grade, but I will definitely look at it if you want me to....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Nov 13

Today we corrected last night's homework.

Next you worked on your review for tomorrow's test with plenty of time to ask questions.

Page 509-510
Part A--follow the directions
Part B--S=, V=, PA=
Part C--follow the directions
Part D--follow the directions, answers only
Part E--follow the directions, rewriting the sentence correctly

YOUR TEST IS TOMORROW COVERING THE MATERIAL FROM pages 495-510! Make sure you study!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday NOV 12th

Today we corrected your book work from last week and I collected it.

Next I collected your completed outlines.

Finally I assigned Part One of your Review on adjectives. Your test is on Wednesday.

Page 507 Part B
Page 508 Part A & Part B

Monday: Review Pt. 1
Tuesday: Review Pt. 2
Wendesday: Test
Thursday: discussion over Inverted Thesis statements and conclusions
Friday: Meadowbrook Theatre/"A Christmas Carol"
This Weekend: writing your introduction and conclusion (due Monday--you will need to hear the lecture on Thursday before you attempt this though...)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Nov 8

Today we corrected last night's homework. You added to this homework and it is due on Monday:

Page 504 & 506 notes

Page 504 #1-10 answers only, Page 507 #1-10 answers only

Next we discussed outlines for the Princess Bride paper. I showed you how your graphic organizer translates directly to your outline. Please use the worksheet on Edline as a guideline for your own outline.


  • Page 504 & 506 notes
    Page 504 #1-10 answers only, Page 507 #1-10 answers only

  • Completed outline, TYPED, with MLA heading for the Princess Bride paper. Again, please use the sample that is on Edline to help you!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday NOV 7

Today we corrected last night's homework and I collected it along with Monday night's homework.

Next you did a short lesson on comparative/superlative adjectives.

  • Page 502 Part A #1-12 answers only, Page 503 Part B rewrite the paragraph, and the Check Point.
  • Make sure all of your evidence is found for your paper, using the rectangles. Make sure you have at least 2 direct quotes as evidence and 1 paraphrase. All 6 rectangles must be filled and must have the page number(s) next to them. You will need this tomorrow as we talk about inverted thesis statements and outlines!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Today we discussed direct quotes and paraphrases. I showed you an example today if I wanted to prove if Vizzini was a mean-spirited character, how I would do that with a direct quote and how I would do that with a paraphrase:

Vizzini is a mean-spirited character, especially when he is talking to Fezzik. In one instance when he addresses Fezzik, in order to show his anger, he gets eerliy quiet (135).

Vizzini is a mean-spirited character, especially when he is talking to Fezzik. In one instance, "the Sicilian lost control. It was terrifying when he did it. With most people, they scream and holler and jump around. With Vizzini, it was different; he got very very very quiet, and his voice sounded like it came from a dead throat" (135).

Next we discussed predicate adjectives. You took some notes from page 499.

DUE WEDNESDAY Page 499 #1-10 answers only

DUE THURSDAY All evidence to prove your character has those character traits you chose to fill in to the ovals on your paper. All of the evidence belongs in the rectangles on your graphic organizer/brain web I gave you on Monday. In order to complete it properly, you MUST HAVE (for the minimum) 2 direct quotes as evidence, and 1 paraphrase. The rest can be a combination. You MUST also include page numbers for the evidence.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday NOV. 5th

Today we began discussing your paper on the Princess Bride. You will be writing a character analysis.

I gave you a brainweb with some possible character traits on the back. You must have chosen a character and filled out three character traits you want to prove your character displays in the book. Remember, by proving them, you must be able to relate scenes from the book and have the exact page #'s they occur on.

Next we discussed our next unit of grammar: adjectives (page 496).

  • Character BrainWeb with chosen character and 3 traits due TUESDAY
  • Page 497 Page 497 Part A #1-12 in addition to the page directions, also tell which word it modifies, Part B #13-17 follow the directions in the book due TUESDAY

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Nov. 1

Today we finished watching the Princess Bride.

Next week come prepared with your Princess Bride worksheets as we will begin the planning stages for the character analysis paper.

No Homework for you this weekend! Have fun, rest, and relax...but prepared to work on Monday!