Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday NOV 29th

Today we discussed a few more things about parenthetical citations and how to correctly add them to your paper, noting proper formatting.

Next we corrected the rest of the bookwork homework from when Mrs. Hardy was with you on Monday and Tuesday.

You had the remainder of the hour to work on the new book work assignment and continue revising your paper.


  • BOOKWORK: page 521 #1-10 answers only, #11-15 write out the sentence

  • FINAL PAPER: copy the rubric below on a separate sheet of paper. Your final paper will include the best version of your paper, your Work Cited page, and a copy of the rubric. This is due on MONDAY, DEC. 3rd. You have the option of turning it in tomorrow, FRIDAY NOV. 30th for 4 points extra credit!

  • SHORT QUIZ TOMORROW: There will be a short quiz tomorrow on determining between adverbs and adjectives. What is the difference between adverbs and adjectives? If you were given sentences, could you find the adjective or adverb and tell what word/words it modifies?


The Princess Bride Rubric

____paper is clearly structured and organized (your evidence is clearly explained and is not just "plunked" in your paper) (30 pts.) (paper should end up being about 1 1/2 to 2 pages in length)
_____ paper has been edited for punctuation and grammar (20 pts.)
_____ paper uses the "inverted thesis" structure in the introduction and the conclusion is simply your intro reworded (20 pts.)
_____ paper includes proper MLA style (including proper heading format and work cited page) (10 pts.)
_____ paper includes at least 2 parenthetical citations per body paragraph and they are formatted correctly (24 pts.)
_____ paper includes a copy of the rubric (6 pts.)

_________/11o Points Total