Friday, February 29, 2008

A Snowy Friday February 29th

Today you had a writing prompt and all of class to work on it. Remember, this writing prompt stemmed from the movie and yesterday's discussion (which you should have took notes on).

“The Neverending Story” Essay

DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the following writing prompts below. Then complete any prewriting activity you would like (including Brain Map, organized lists, etc.). You will be turning this in along with your essay. Next, begin to draft your essay. If time in class allows, edit your essay. At home this weekend, have one other person edit your essay. Finally, type the final version, with a proper MLA heading and have it ready for class on Monday.

Stories create entryways into new worlds. They allow us to dream. They inspire us. They give us characters we can relate to and demand us to become involved, much like Bastian in The Neverending Story. Choose a story you’ve read before that has made you feel this way. Give a brief summary of the story and tell how/why you were able to connect to the story. Remember to be specific and give examples to back up your thesis.

In The Neverending Story, the Nothing represents despair and darkness. Fantasia disappears because the Nothing easily takes over as the people of Fantasia start to give up on their hopes and dreams. Discuss the importance of having goals and pursuing dreams. How does having goals/dreams effect one’s life? What goals and dreams do you have? What are you doing to actively pursue them? How can you help others who may possibly be giving up too easily? How can you inspire others to pursue their dreams?

On Monday, I will expect to see:
1. Your prewriting activity
2. Your rough draft with a signature as evidence that someone else has read your essay to help you proofread it.
3. Your final typed copy with MLA format (your paper should end up being at least ¾ of a typed page).

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today we finished watching the Neverending Story.

We discussed the movie and certain themes in class. You should have taken notes as asked.

Tomorrow you will be doing an in-class writing. Be prepared with paper and pen and the willingness to pre-write, draft, and edit during class.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday


ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WERE HERE: you were to write a short persuasive essay using the article I read to you in class as a starting point. I collected it on Wednesday.

IF YOU WERE NOT HERE: you will not be responsible for completing this assignment. It will show as astricks on Edline. It will not harm or help your grade. It simply will not be factored in.

Wednesday: I gave you an editing assignment to work on. This assignment is due on Thursday. You must take your time and great effort to thoroughly edit this essay. You may choose to handwrite it VERY NEATLY or TYPE it and turn in the final copy tomorrow.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Last Friday and Today, Monday Feb 25th

Friday we began watching "The Neverending Story" and continued watching it today. You are to keep up with the character traits worksheet while you watch, simply writing down information about the characters so you have everything straight when you are asked to write an essay at the end of the movie. The movie fits with the optimist speech theme of "Why Me? Why Not?" Keep in mind while you are watching how some of the characters have a "Why Me?" attitude about his/her situation. Also think how the character might answer the "Well, why not?" portion of the theme. In other words, what lesson(s) do(es) the charcter(s) learn from his/her situation(s)?

No homework. We will continue watching the third portion of the movie tomorrow.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Feb 21st

Today we corrected your mastery assignment.

Next you took your test.

You have the evening off---NO HOMEWORK!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

FRIDAY---review for the test we will have on Thursday 2/21

Today you were able to share your writings in class and hand in work. We corrected the work you had over indefinite pronouns.

Next you worked on a mastery review assignment. Most of you were unable to finish it in class, making it homework. We will correct and and collect it on Thursday 2/21. You will also have your test over Subject/Verb agreements on the Thursday we return from break. As I said in class, everyone should bring his/her book home to study!!!

Page 590 Part A, B, C, D--answers only
Part E, rewrite the entire paragraph. Make changes to sentences 36, 37, 39, 41, 42, and 44.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yesterday we did not meet because you were on a field trip!

Today we made Valentine's Day cards to show appreciation to a close friend or family member. Make sure to give them today and let someone know you care!

Tomorrow we will correct and collect everything that was originally going to be collected today. Do not forget to bring it in tomorrow! We will also be reviewing for a test that we will have when we return from break next Thursday.

No Homework this evening!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday February 11th

Today we corrected/collected Friday's assignment.

Next we discussed inverted sentences. Remember the term inverted from thesis statements we wrote for the Princess Bride paper :) The same types of rules apply.

Next I gave you an assignment!

DUE TOMORROW: Page 584/notes
Part A #1-10, Part B #11-20, Part C rewrite the paragraph making necessary corrections.

Page 576
Read the Sketchbook Options given to you. You may choose the first option or the third option.

If you are choosing option #1: I am looking for a piece of writing that includes good sensory imagery and dialogue.

If you are choosing option #3: I am looking for a piece of writing that sumamrizes the book or show concisely for the audience. I am also looking for what you liked about it and/or what you did not like about it (in other words, your review of it). Tell WHY you liked it/didn't like it--BE SPECIFIC!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday February 7th

Today we shared essays that you wrote on another theme in The Big Wave.

Next I gave you an introductory assignment to the next grammar unit: Subject and Verb agreement.

  • Read pages 578-580 and take nice detailed notes (if you do not do this part you will receive ZERO credit for your assignment
  • Pages 580 and 581
  • Part A, answers only
  • Part B, write out the sentences. You may only answer CORRECT for 5 questions
  • Check Point, answers only

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February 6th WEDNESDAY

Today we corrected last night's homework for a Mastery Grade.

If you still have questions about Compound or Complex sentences, please see me for extra help at lunch or homeroom time.

Next we discussed the 8-10 sentence paragraph about survival as one of the themes of The Big Wave. I allowed you to critique classmates work, deciding how to properly answer the question and write a well-focused essay with a clear thesis, details to support and a proper conclusion.

Although survival was one of the themes of Pearl S. Buck's novel, there were others as well. We brainstormed other themes on the board. Tonight, you are to choose one and use the elements of good writing we discussed to write a short, 8-10 sentence essay (you may go over if you'd like) about the theme you chose. Remember to have a clear focus with a sound thesis, details to support and a proper conclusion. TYPE YOUR RESPONSE and have it for class tomorrow. Use proper MLA heading for your paper.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday FEB 4th

Today we corrected the assignment from the weekend.

Next you took a test over compound/complex sentences.

When you finished your test you were to take out the pre-write we did on survival. You could make changes/additions to your writing. Please bring this pre-write to class tomorrow!

Finally, for homework:
After reading The Big Wave (which you should have finished last week), on a separate sheet of paper, write a short 8-10 sentence paragraph discussing why survival is one of the themes of the book. You can choose to type it if you want, but it is not mandatory.