Friday, February 29, 2008

A Snowy Friday February 29th

Today you had a writing prompt and all of class to work on it. Remember, this writing prompt stemmed from the movie and yesterday's discussion (which you should have took notes on).

“The Neverending Story” Essay

DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the following writing prompts below. Then complete any prewriting activity you would like (including Brain Map, organized lists, etc.). You will be turning this in along with your essay. Next, begin to draft your essay. If time in class allows, edit your essay. At home this weekend, have one other person edit your essay. Finally, type the final version, with a proper MLA heading and have it ready for class on Monday.

Stories create entryways into new worlds. They allow us to dream. They inspire us. They give us characters we can relate to and demand us to become involved, much like Bastian in The Neverending Story. Choose a story you’ve read before that has made you feel this way. Give a brief summary of the story and tell how/why you were able to connect to the story. Remember to be specific and give examples to back up your thesis.

In The Neverending Story, the Nothing represents despair and darkness. Fantasia disappears because the Nothing easily takes over as the people of Fantasia start to give up on their hopes and dreams. Discuss the importance of having goals and pursuing dreams. How does having goals/dreams effect one’s life? What goals and dreams do you have? What are you doing to actively pursue them? How can you help others who may possibly be giving up too easily? How can you inspire others to pursue their dreams?

On Monday, I will expect to see:
1. Your prewriting activity
2. Your rough draft with a signature as evidence that someone else has read your essay to help you proofread it.
3. Your final typed copy with MLA format (your paper should end up being at least ¾ of a typed page).