Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February 6th WEDNESDAY

Today we corrected last night's homework for a Mastery Grade.

If you still have questions about Compound or Complex sentences, please see me for extra help at lunch or homeroom time.

Next we discussed the 8-10 sentence paragraph about survival as one of the themes of The Big Wave. I allowed you to critique classmates work, deciding how to properly answer the question and write a well-focused essay with a clear thesis, details to support and a proper conclusion.

Although survival was one of the themes of Pearl S. Buck's novel, there were others as well. We brainstormed other themes on the board. Tonight, you are to choose one and use the elements of good writing we discussed to write a short, 8-10 sentence essay (you may go over if you'd like) about the theme you chose. Remember to have a clear focus with a sound thesis, details to support and a proper conclusion. TYPE YOUR RESPONSE and have it for class tomorrow. Use proper MLA heading for your paper.