Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday OCT 17

Today with our shortened class time, you were able to continue working on Princess Bride worksheet #5 that is due at the beginning of the hour on Friday.

Tomorrow you will need to be ready to take your quiz! This is the last grade I am entering for the marking period! Bring your grammar book with you!

If I were you, I would make sure to study the following things:
  • exaggeration--what is it and how is it used in The Princess Bride
  • unity and coherence of paragraphs
  • know the characters of The Princess Bride and be able to describe them
  • know a few vocabulary words from The Princess Bride (vulpine, deduce, diabolical, unfathomable, lethal, smitten, hovel)
  • from our discussions, understand that good authors make characters in their novels relatable to our lives. If asked, do you know and can you explain a character in The Princess Bride that you relate to?