Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday OCT 26th

Today we reviewed what it means to be a "good paragraph". We discussed the elaboration worksheet and reviewed what you read about with the "Show Don't Tell" information.

Next you read a horrible paragraph about a roller coaster. Here it is below:

Roller coasters are really fun. They are usually very tall and go very fast. My favorite roller coaster is the Millennium Force at Cedar Point. It is so scary. I think that is the loudest I have ever screamed in my entire life. When I go back to Cedar Point I will probably ride that ride 10 times in a row. I just hope I don’t throw up.

Taking on the role as editors, you offered ways we could improve this paragraph.

Next you began writing a revised version. Finally I shared a new-improved version. You pointed out many things you liked about it.

In addition to the Chapter 6/7 Princess Bride questions, you must write a paragraph describing a roller coaster experience. Your paragraph should be at least 250 words. This should be a final draft (you may type it or hand write it).