Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday May 8th


On the next three school days we will edit rough drafts. Each day you will partner with someone different. Make sure you come prepared with a copy of your rough draft, your MLA stylebook, and the editing sessions worksheet I gave you last week.

In each of these sessions it will be important to:
  • read your partner's work CAREFULLY. Remember: I am not reading your rough for grammar/punctuation. I will only look at your STAT, IQ, DQ, and PARA as well as your intro. and conclusion. Your editing job is crucial because you are the one who will correct the body of the paper.
  • make NEAT and LEGIBLE suggestions/marks on your partner's work. If you do not make marks neat, your partner will not be able to correct the mistakes.
    give CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Remember: your partner has taken great care in his/her work. Be mindful and courteous.
  • have conversations after you have silently edited. If you do not understand a part of the paper, talk with your partner. Make sure that revise this part. Chances are if you don't understand it, I will not understand it either.
  • Editing should NOT end in the classroom. I suggest going home each night and making corrections. Come back each day with a newly revised rough. This will reduce the amount of editing you have to do in one night. And, hopefully, each rough you receive back will have less and less errors to correct. After Friday, please have your mom/dad/brother/sister/grandma/someone at home edit your work as well. The more sets of eyes looking at your work, the better :)

Good LUCK and happy editing! Next week will talk about the Works Cited page one last time before you turn in your paper.

Your paper is DUE Thursday May 15th.