Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 3rd through the 8th

Last week we discussed statistics (STATS), indented quotes (IQs), paraphrases (PARAs), and direct quotes (DQs). In your final research paper, you will need at least one of each of these in your paper. You may have additional STATs, PARAs, and DQs, but ONLY ONE IQ.

The reason I covered this lesson was so you could properly begin your notecards with all of the research you will need to write your paper.

When composing your notecards you should simply write notes. You may use bulletted points. You may also skip ONE line between each note. After each note, you should also write the Source Card number where it came from so you know where you found the information and also so you can cite it in your paper. Each note card should be completely filled.


See the list below for notecard size:

3x5 = 35 notecards if you write on both front and back (70 if you write on one side only)
4x6 = 25 notecards if you write on both front and back (50 if you write on one side only)


You will have class time today, tomorrow and Thursday. Friday you will not be in class due to the field trip. You will also have one final day to work on Monday (and not to mention an entire weekend). Your total number of notecards are due on Tuesday, April 15th. The total depends on the list provided above. You must do the same size for all of the notecards and you must choose to do ALL front/back or ALL one-sided. You must also highlight your STAT, PARA, IQ, and DQ on your notecards. This makes it easy for both of us to find them.

If you have any questions while you are going through this process, please see me! I am here often times afterschool and am also available during lunch and homeroom.