Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Jan 16th

Today we corrected the MLK packet and I colleceted it.

Next we discussed the Eulogy assignment.

Here are some of the requirements and options you have:

  • 250 words (a little less or a little more is fine)
  • includes specific details
  • your main focus should be to celebrate the life of yourself or someone else
  • ask yourself: what do I (my subject) to be known for? what mark did he/she/you make on the world?

You may choose to write a eulogy:

  • about yourself using 3rd person
  • about a family member or someone close to you (they may be living or not)
  • about a famous person you know/care a lot about

You must have a strong connection with the subject so you are able to include vivid, specific details.

Your rough draft is due tomorrow. You MUST have a completed rough draft in class or you will not be able to participate in the editing session. Your rough draft can be handwritten, but it must skip lines. You may also choose to type it.