Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday DEC 3rd

Today we corrected 521, and 524.

Next I talked to you about your next writing assignment. For Thursday you will need an address of the customer service dept. of a company where you have truly liked their product/service or of a company that you have had a problem with their product or service. You will either receive 10 points for having it or a 0 for not having it.

Page 525, answers only
Page 526 Part A and Part B (if the sentences need corrections, correct it and write out the new sentence. If the sentence is already correct, write "Correct")

Looking Ahead:
Monday (see homework above)
Tuesday: an in-class review (will be homework if you do not finish in class)
Wednesday: test over adverbs
Thursday: You will need the mailing address (see directions above). We will have a lecture on how to write a proper business letter.